Commercial Snow & Ice Management

Commercial Snow and Ice Management
  • The types of customers who rely on Naragon’s approach to snow and ice management include:
  • Medical facilities
  • 24-hour retail/pharmacy
  • Office buildings
  • Large state universities
  • Financial institutions
  • Churches
  • Government Buildings

We’ll Have Salt!

Our exclusive salt agreement directly with a salt mine that guarantees supply and price.

We Serve Ohio
Toledo to Ashtabula to Columbus

Naragon Snow & Ice Management is a full-service commercial snow plow company serving Ohio including Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Toledo, Ashtabula, Columbus, and all cities in between. Our proactive approach to snow and ice management provides you exceptional, on-time service, every time.

Winter in Ohio means the companies that plow snow are taking on a huge responsibility. Naragon considers its Snow & Ice Management part of the safety forces. It’s serious business and the public, our customers, their employees, clients and customers depend on us to be there. Not performing, or performing badly, is not an option.

Flexible, multi-level services are available including:

  • Plowing
  • Shoveling - private and public walks
  • Ice Melting: salt, calcium, brine. Naragon has an exclusive salt agreement directly with a salt mine that guarantees supply and price. We will not run out of salt or raise prices during the season.
  • Snow Hauling
  • One-time emergency plowing
  • 24-hour “Zero-Tolerance” monitoring (i.e. medical facilities or 24-hour pharmacies)
  • Customized action plans designed to meet your budgetary and operational needs

What You Can Expect: Naragon Snow & Ice Management’s Action Plan

  • Complete Site Analysis
  • Site plan developed with property owner or manager involvement so all priority and problems areas are addressed including approval of where snow will be piled.
  • Site plan shared with Supervisor and entire site team--including backups. Training sessions are held with all site team personnel prior to the first snow fall.
  • 24/7 weather monitoring using local meteorologists, road sensors, a vast network of radar and forecasting systems plus an impressive set of snow spotters! Naragon’s network of snow spotters include other safety personnel such as police and fire, various city and county road crews and hotel/retail workers. Third shift workers give great on-site, live weather updates! “We’ve gotten so good at tracking and predicting storms, other snow plow companies rely on us to tell them what’s coming!” -- Tim Harp, Vice President of Snow and Ice Management
  • Professional completion of plan -- once the chance of snow has been confirmed, the supervisors are called out, and site teams are dispatched to carry out the action plan for your site.
  • After each plow, the site supervisor checks performance and double checks records for accuracy.
  • At the end of the month, you’ll receive a detailed, yet easy to understand invoice.

Whether you have one site or 50--Naragon has an action plan for you!

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