Lawn Fertilization

Commercial Snow and Ice Management
  • The types of customers who rely on Naragon’s approach to lawn fertilization include:
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Golf courses
  • Athletic fields
Maxi-green lawn fertilization

We Serve Ohio
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Maxi-Green Expert Fertilization provides outstanding feeding and weed control for your lawn. The nutrition provided is focused with both the turfgrass and soil in mind giving a deeper greening and healthier lawn. Through years of plant tissue and soil testing we know what it takes to properly feed your lawn.

  • More focused nutrition
  • Abundantly provided nutrient inputs
  • Organic based nutrients that benefit the entire ecosystem and provide long term residual actions and feeding.
  • Personal focus and the care dedicated to your lawn.
  • Blanket weed control and continued spot weed treatments on every visit
  • Focused weed control for problematic weeds such as creeping charlie and violets which can take more than one season to fully eradicate.
  • Treatment sprays to crabgrass and nutsedge are applied with each visit so you don't have to call. Other companies ignore these expensive to control weeds until you complain.
  • Aeration, soil testing and liming.

Our customers enjoy the care we provide for their lawns without the constant sales calls and hassles. We truly care about your lawn.

Our Maxi-Green lawn renovation process has been developed through many years of golf course construction and home lawn renovation projects. The various processes can eliminate, in many cases, the expense and length of time associated with having a new lawn. What are some factors in choosing to renovate?

  • The lawn is sparse and thin or parts of it struggle in the heat of summer.
  • The lawn is over twenty years old and lacks the genetic quality of today's highly refined turfgrass cultivars. Although the lawn can look good at certain times of the year it never looks as good as you would like. Older grass varieties lack the genetic improvements of today's varieties that provide deeper color and other improvements such as insect and disease resistance.
  • The lawn is less than 20 years old but it has been taken over by invasive, native grasses that leave a mottled look. These undesirable grasses perform poorly and are more prone to disease and heat related issues.
  • The lawn is prone to diseases like Red Thread, (looks like pink cotton candy covering the grass blades in the morning during May and June leaving dead spots) or because the grass is not suited to give you the level of quality you would like.

The painstaking work that goes into breeding today's top performing turfgrass cultivars pays off when they are growing on your property. The new genetics provide a deeper natural color and couple that with our exclusive Maxi-Green fertilizer provides the best lawn possible. The new genetics also provide disease, insect and drought resistance.

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